Well Hello…

My names Amelia, I’m in my 1st year of University studying a Bachelor of Communications and Media.

I’ve started this Blog as part of the subject BCM112 where we are to create an online presence.

From the first lecture for this subject, our online presence was explained to us with great importance. How I took it was that we have to be very active on social media and express ourselves… but for an introvert and shy person like me, who post every 4-5 months, it was quite overwhelming.

It doesn’t take away the from the fact that I love social media, it’s a valuable platform to create awareness and discussion. Hopefully through this course I will be able to grow out of my shell and explore the usefulness of social media in my own personal way.

Any feedback in regards to my blog and how I can improve, I’ll be glad to receive. Please bare with me as I find my bearings around establishing this blog.


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