Media Audiences

From the book Musical Communication it describes music as a powerful means of communication. It provides a means where people can share emotions, intentions and meanings. Music can exert powerful physical effects, can produce deep and profound emotions within us, and can be used to generate infinitely subtle variations of expressiveness by skilled composers and performers (2005).

Throughout my life, I have been apart of an audience for many different events. I have attended 24 concerts in my lifetime, the most recent one being Kali Uchis. She is a Colombian/American singer who I absolutely adore. The tickets for the concert were a surprise so it was quite exciting knowing I was going. This concert for me was my first over 18’s concert so it was interesting to me how relax the environment was. Being to so many concerts, I’ve experienced many different atmosphere’s and they aren’t all nice, some get ugly. What interested me the most was that it was quite a juxtaposing experience to what I had the few previous times. It was probably one of the most enjoyable and memorable concerts I’ve been to. The concert was held in quite a small venue so throughout it felt quite intimate as the artist was very engaging with the audience. She spent quite a bit of the time interacting by talking with us, listening to us sing along and acknowledging us as an audience. 

The most important thing I took away from the experience was how the interaction and engagement with the audience really made the whole experience a lot more positive and enjoyable. For Media and Communications specifically in the subject BCM112 we are to create a Digital Artefact. For my DA I’m making Youtube videos and from my experience at the concert, it has really made me take into consideration how I portray myself and how I’m going to engage with my audience and the interactions I will have with various people. I want to take my positive experience and use it as a benchmark for my own work.

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