Hello, our names are Amelia and Audrey and together we are doing our Digital Artefact for the subject BCM112 based around Taboo Topics. The title we have decided for our DA is Taboo UOW. Both of us have quite a strong interest in discussing topics people are usually uncomfortable to speak about. Between us, these kinds of topics are usually discussed and often we think of ‘what would other people’s opinions be on this?’ We are both passionate about understanding people’s point of views and opinions as well as gaining an insight of people’s experiences surrounding these topics. Through this we have decided to create a Youtube channel as our platform, to share our ideas as well as interact with our audience to allow people to express their opinions based on the topics we discuss. We also created an Instagram page (@taboo_UOW) to promote our Taboo UOW Youtube channel to involve our audience in our content and allow them to ask questions, talk of experiences and responses via comments and DM’s. 

We hope you enjoy! xx

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