Who Owns Your Media?

The news was not something I was always interested in. When I was younger it was standard to have it on in the background while eating dinner. I never found myself to be the person who knew what was going on until one day in my early teens, I was having a conversation with a group of people and I found myself being able to talk about the topic in a bit of detail. Towards the end of the conversation I had a friend of mine turn to me and say “how do you know so much?” It was then when I realised that the ‘white noise’ in the background was information I was actually absorbing without me realising. Since then I’ve put more attention towards the news and making myself informed with not only news in Australia but all over the world. 

Through my research on different News sources and who owns it, I came across a debate based around Governed Media and Privately owned media. I found that a lot of people’s views varied as they would say Governed Media would be more biased too political based and that Privately owned media could be fake and could enforce views that aren’t true but that also Governed Media has more reliable facts around it and that Privately owned could be more diverse and interest multiple different audiences. In my opinion I think there is no such thing as unbiased news. Everyone has their opinions and different points of views. It’s up to the reader to understand who they are gaining their information from, whether it is trustworthy and suits their values and beliefs.

We are now in a society where we are exposed to many more sources through the internet and our phones. The two main sources where I receive my news is The Project on Channel 10 and SBS News. Channel 10 is owned by CBS corporation which is an American company. SBS News is owned by a Private Company called The National Transmission agency. Both sources of News are quite different in the way they portray their news and also opposite as The Project is more Australian based and SBS incorporates a lot of World News. Usually if a news story interest me, I do my own research based on the story to understand it in more depth and to really gain as much information as possible around the story. From internet research, we are more susceptible to Fake News which is why it’s more important to have multiple sources of media.

I think it’s essential to know who owns our media and to understand why it is important for us to know.

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