Collective Intelligence & Fake News

There are 2 types of Media:

Monologic Media- this refers to a centralised network where the audience receives all of the data or the product being distributed by one main source, this process is referred to as one-to-many. Legacy media (example: newspapers, television, radio) is monologic media, the audience are passive and all “pre-packaged data” is delivered to you for consumption. There is no physical changes that can be done. Legacy media has to go through ‘gatekeeper’s’ such as publishers, government censors etc, the content is decided.

Dialogic Media- refers to a decentralised network as the audience is formatted information through the process referred to as many-to-many. The internet is dialogic by design, each individual content can be broadcasted to the entire network. With Dialogic Media, gatekeepers are non-existent or weak. The content is broadcast directly without having to go through gatekeepers.

With a decentralised network we are not only producing, we can be consumers, editors and share. It is a simple process that can be done by anybody, that’s what makes this Dialogic Media so simple and it cost nothing. Within this Dialogic Media, we have been introduced to an increase in Fake News and the credibility of this content is up to us as individuals to find the credible source. Content can constantly be remediated, its always evolving.

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