Meme Warfare

When you think of Memes, what comes to mind? “A Meme can be described as a concept that quickly spreads from person to person, usually taking the form of an image, video, GIF, quote etc” (Samata, 2016). They are constantly apart of everyday social media interaction, shared, reproduced, republished, reinterpreted and consumed. With the internet being the copying machine it is, memes are continuously evolving and being remediated into portraying peoples political, social and ethical views. This leads me into Meme Warfare.

Meme Warfare became very present during the 2016 US campaign. This was discussed in an article by The Guardian as it was stated “political memes are no longer rare flashes of uncensored personality or intensely manicured visual messages. They are now born from the swamps of the internet in real time, distributed from the bottom up.” The usual media distribution of Campaign Propaganda through the News, articles and the Newspaper, had been remediated by individuals to what we know as memetic warfare, where “Internet memes are deployed in battles of politically motivated and semantically targeted content across social media as part of a period of broader conflict” (Wall & Mitew, 2018). The popularity of the memes throughout the 2016 campaign grew to such an extent and became quite persuasive that people started to believe them. This brings forth just how strong memes are in the social media world and considering the impact it had on the 2016 campaign, there is sure to be a lot more that Memes will influence in the future. 

2 thoughts on “Meme Warfare

  1. I find the whole idea of meme warfare quite fascinating. It was really cool how you first talked about memes alone and then linked it to the topic of meme warfare. You’ve got some great hyperlinks within your blog, and incorporated the information from them easily into your post. It’ll be really interesting to see the sort of memes that will arise in next year’s US Presidential election! I found a good read from an article talking about America and meme warfare: Your remediation was funny and clever! Overall this was a really good post that I enjoyed!


  2. hey, there this was a great informative read, I really enjoyed how you were able to describe you’re points in detail but still make it simple to understand! good job, the hyperlinks which were used were really good to gain some extra knowledge on the topic! great post.


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