Taboo UOW was a concept we created as we wanted a platform that allowed people to express and talk about topics that were considered to be uncomfortable.

For Taboo UOW we created an Instagram where we would promote our Youtube channel and videos to our followers, create post on questions we were going to make apart of our videos and post on our Instagram Stories.

Through Instagram Stories and polls made on the stories, our followers were able to actively take part in deciding on the topic of the week or having an opinion on whether they agree or disagree with the questions being asked. This allowed our followers/ viewers to express their opinion on the topic. We would also ask close friends the questions we had based on our topic in order to gain more feedback for our videos.

FEFO did come quite early for us as our original concept was to interview people around uni in regards to our topic and in the hopes that they would answer our question. This idea was shut down almost immediately as many people did not want to participate so thats when the idea of instagram polls came in.

From the past couple of weeks of doing our DA and having two platforms we have found our followers engagement on Instagram to stay quite moderate and the engagement of our youtube videos have dropped. We were still getting the responses from our audience in regards to replying to Instagram stories but not many were following through with watching our videos.  

We knew we had to find another way to promote our videos and try and get our view count around the same range. Through promoting our videos via our Twitter’s, we successfully gained a lot more viewers.

Throughout the past couple of weeks of doing this DA together, we really enjoyed it and there were times where we weren’t sure if it was going to turn out how we initially planned but we are happy with our progress so far.

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