This semester for BCM114 we are to create a Digital Artefact. After already experiencing creating a DA in BCM112, I gained a lot of knowledge surrounding the time, effort and became very aware of my strengths. I wanted to create DA where I really enjoyed what I was producing, that allowed me to be creative and felt intuitive to me. Finally my idea for my DA came from my current obsession with HBO’S new series Euphoria. I found myself instantly drawn into the storyline, cinematography, actors, fashion and make-up. After every episode I would find myself researching, scrolling through twitter and reddit to read the discussions based on the show. This therefore lead to my inspiration to create a fan account on Instagram called @Status.Euphoria surrounding the show. 

The type of content I want to create and distribute is inspired by my favourite Instagram account @VelvetCoke. The nostalgia account looks at moments of pop culture from the past couple of decades. With every photo posted there is a fact about the moment to give further context. This is something I want to implement with my Digital Artefact to differentiate myself from other fan accounts.

 My fan account will provide updates, interviews, trivia, photoshoots and Behind the scenes content that I have found, curated, edited and Is displayed symbolising the aesthetic of the show. I plan to utilise the current popularity of Euphoria to gain engagement for my Digital Artefact as well as Through the features provided on Instagram such as Instagram stories, polls, comments and hashtags, in the hopes to engage and interact with my audience while also receiving feedback in regards to my content. My target audience is the people who are invested in the Tv show, whether they are casual watchers or superfans. My Digital Artefact implements FAST, INEXPENSIVE, SIMPLE, TINY as my content will be mostly edited using my phone and uploaded directly to my Instagram.

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