For the BCM114 DA Pitch, I discussed my digital artefact @Status.Euphoria, where I created an Instagram fan account. The content I am curating was to express my obsession with the HBO series Euphoria and my interest in the cinematography, writers, actors, make-up, fashion etc. 

When starting my Digital Artefact, I had a pretty clear idea of my audience, due to discovering  there was quite a fan base building as the show became more popular. My audience was also clear due to a pattern appearing from the kinds of people I talked to about the show. These people shared similar interests to me and what I wanted to base my DA around in regards to the cinematography, actors, writers, make-up, fashion and more. 

Through the features provided on Instagram, it has allowed me to gain engagement on my account. For example, on my first post, I didn’t use Hashtags but on the following post I implemented Hashtags which increased my like count by more than double from the first post.

I also found that engaging with other Instagram accounts by Following and Liking recent posts, I was able to gain followers in a short amount of time.

A goal of mine is to be a lot more consistent when it comes to posting content for my DA. I was hoping to have a certain amount of posts and level of engagement by Online Presence part 1. This did not work out as I had not planned it out myself and nor did I set weekly goals. I am now in the process of implementing a set routine for myself when it comes to my DA that includes the curating of content for my Instagram, as well as expanding my engagement to gain more of an audience.

In my pitch feedback I was questioned about how I would be able to acquire and post interviews on my Instagram. I realise I was quite vague in regards to the type of Interviews I would be posting; my goal is to curate selections from interviews with the cast and crew, if they were to become available, or interviews published on online articles to make reference to my online captions. In regards to editing my content for my Instagram, I wasn’t specific about the type of programs I would be using. For combining and gathering content, I have used iPhotos and created an Album where all my material is stored. Apps such as VSCO, Hyperspektiv, Splice Video Editor & Maker and Glitch Studio are used to edit photos.  

I will continue to generate my content for my digital artefact, while maintaining the accounts aesthetic, achieving my weekly goals that I have set for myself, increasing my engagement and using feedback as a way to assist me in developing my DA and creating new goals. 

2 thoughts on “~IDEATING~

  1. Hey Amelia, I was wondering if you planned on expanding your digital artefact to other social media platforms? From personal experience, user feedback and audience interaction on YouTube, Facebook and Reddit can provide valuable insight into the direction of where your digital artefact is heading. I think its a good idea you’re creating weekly goals and like you said, audience interaction is the key to developing your digital artefact!


  2. Hi Amelia. Super interesting DA, something that I would never have thought of and is pretty unique. I’m excited to follow this progression as I have been meaning to watch the show, hearing of it’s popularity. You obviously have a good grasp of how Instagram works, with expanding your audience reach being critical to how well the account does so well done with doing that. Also props to you for including not just the actors but the rest of the shows people in the fan account such as writers and directors as they don’t usually get enough credit in similar accounts. You may want to add something to the account such as the meaning behind the show and their characters, such as a general plot outline for those who don’t know what the show is about, especially with it tackling sensitive topics. Anyways, super cool idea for you DA and ill be sure to give it a follow and keep up to date, well done!


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