The Digital Artefact I created was a Fan Account @status.euphoria through the platform of Instagram. The television network HBO, recently released a new series called Euphoria that I quickly became a fan of and wanted to showcase this through an account dedicated to the many aspects of the show. 

I had discussed in my pitch how I wanted a bit of differentiation when it came to my fan account by providing context around most of the content I posted. As I discussed in my BETA video, most of my post thus far illustrate context surrounding the writer and the development of the show, the actors and the portrayal of their characters as well as background information from the department of Make-up on the inspiration of the now famous make-up looks featured. 

There have been some downfalls in the process of growing my DA. I was at a low level of engagement and irregularly posting on my fan account. I knew I had to improve this so I implemented a schedule that would help me to keep on track of regularly creating post as well as uploading them. The schedule however, did not work out as I only kept to it for a couple of days. This was definitely one of those moments in the process of developing a DA that seemed very realistic at the time but turned out the complete opposite. 

As this is my first time running a fan account, I wanted to gain more knowledge around how other fan accounts engaged with their audiences, the kind of content they posted and when there was a lack of content, what was their alternative? Two main fan accounts I looked through for inspiration was another Euphoria fan account @euphoriasupdate and a Game of Thrones fan account @gameofthronesnotofficial. The account @euphoriasupdate post up to a couple times a day. Although season 1 of Euphoria has ended, the account continues to post content surrounding the actors of the show and what they are currently up to whether it is events like New York Fashion Week, Movie Premiere’s or Award Shows. This is very similar to the @gameofthronesnotofficial fan account that regularly post even though the show has ended. The account curates post on the actors of the show and what they are currently up to as well as fan edits. 

As I stated in my BETA, these accounts plus the current popularity and praise of Euphoria’s make-up looks causing widespread inspiration, lead to an idea to expand my content and interact with my audience. I wanted to showcase in my content, the influence Euphoria is having on an abundance of people. Although I haven’t implemented this yet on my fan account, it is definitely something that is in the process. 

This is my Digital Artefact so far, I know there is still so much more than can be done and will continue to improve. 

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