From the feedback I had previously received regarding my Digital Artefact of my Fan Account @status.euphoria in OP1 and DA BETA, it gave me an indication how I can improve my DA and what I wanted to implement into the prototyping stage.

An aspect of my account I wanted to improve on was the amount of followers I had. I did this by finding other Fan Accounts of Euphoria, Liking their 3 most recent post and then following the account. This lead to quite a few of the accounts reciprocating and following me back. Although, the process did work, it was quite a slow process and didn’t exactly increase my following as much as I would have liked. I wouldn’t consider this a failure as I managed to go from only 21 Followers to 60 Followers from engaging in this process.

A habit of mine was that every post had to be perfect before I could upload it. This only caused me to delay the content I would post or stop me from posting at all as I didn’t feel it was good enough. It has only taken me to now to get over the unnecessary pressure on myself and post more regularly.

I didn’t want to base my success of my DA on the amount of followers I had. Instead, I shifted my focus on engaging with my audience that I currently had. I did this through the use of Instagram Stories and the feature of Polls. On my Instagram story I curated a game of ‘Would you Rather?’ where my audience/ followers were to choose their favourite Make-up looks between the characters. In the first 20 mins of the game being posted of my story, I had already received a few votes.

After a couple of hours I checked the votes again and how many people had joined in. The votes were quite varied from the first time around and there were around 20 people who had joined in and voted.

From my BETA, I had explained how I noticed the influence Euphoria has had on the fashion industry, beauty influencers and many individuals who had watched the show. I wanted to showcase this on my Instagram and post content of those who had been influenced.

An example of this was through Hayden Williams, who is a well known Fashion Illustrator and Designer. On his Instagram he posted a series of illustrations based on Euphoria and four of the characters from the show.

As I mentioned above, many individuals were influenced by Euphoria. In my BETA I had explained that a lot of the influence of Euphoria was through the Make-up inspired looks. This was noticed in the feedback of my BETA and was also suggested to potentially incorporate it within my DA. This leads me to my next example of my best friend, who after watching the show, was inspired immensely by the make-up looks. I created a post where it showcased her Euphoria inspired make-up as well as a bit of background surrounding how Euphoria has inspired her and what her look is representing.

One thought on “~PROTOTYPING~

  1. I really like how you have described how your ideas started, how they have progressed so far, but most importantly how you show true initiative in thinking of new ways of attacking the same concept to increase the user feedback loop (first trying to gain a couple extra followers, then focusing on audience interaction). All of these ideas are great considering the fact that they are all in the name of iteration, which as I’m sure you know, is a hallmark of good content production.

    I too have also tried attacking my project from different angles (switching from indoor rock climbing content to outdoor), but have had my fair share of complications! Check it out here: https://vaughnsigalphotography.wordpress.com/2019/10/11/south-coast-bouldering-update/


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