My Digital Artefact I established was an Instagram fan account called @status.euphoria dedicated to my favourite new show by HBO called Euphoria. This was due to me growing an immense liking for the story line, characters, cinematographer, fashion and make-up displayed in the show. From my pitch I stated I wanted my fan account to provide content such as behind the scenes, character analysis, inspiration for making of the show, insights on different aspects of the show, all while maintaining an aesthetic of my account and posts that is represented throughout the show. 

In the first couple of weeks of my Digital Artefact, I spent a lot of time curating content for my fan account that I could use to post. I then decided to make a schedule as I believed that maintaining consistency when it came to posting on my account would also maintain my interaction with my audience as well as build my following. This idea did not last long as I had not realised how much effort and motivation there was when trying to keep to a schedule. It was definitely easier said than done. I did not take it as a failure as I realised that a schedule wouldn’t work for me.

Another road block I had with my DA was that I didn’t feel as though my content was good enough and I felt every post needed to be perfect before I could post it. This held me back from expanding my account and the content I posted which became very minimal and not as often as I would have liked. I realised that if I continued with feeling this way towards my DA, it won’t expand at all and will become stagnant. I then started posting any content, mainly insights, which eventually lead to my idea that really expanded my DA.

As I stated in my BETA, I was at a low level of engagement and wanted to improve my fan account. Being my first time running a fan account, I wanted to gain more knowledge which therefore lead to me looking at other fan accounts and how they engaged with their audiences as well as the type of content they posted. The two accounts I looked at was @euphoriasupdate and @gameofthronesnotofficial. Both accounts were very popular and demonstrated consistency, high level of engagement, interacting with their followers through comments and their use of all features on Instagram.

I found many people to be inspired by Euphoria and recreating their make-up looks all over my social media. I found myself reading articles in many digital magazines and online articles about how Euphoria has inspired many from New York fashion week to beauty influencers all over Instagram and YouTube. From this it made me question ‘What else can I provide on my fan account?’ and ‘How can I become more interested in the content I’m curating?’. I wanted to also shift my focus on interacting with my existing audience instead of constantly trying to gain new followers and a larger audience. This lead to the idea providing content that focused more on the make-up in Euphoria and those who have been inspired.

This was a very positive step as I obtained more interactions with my audience through the content I posted about the Make-up in Euphoria. Through the use of Instagram Stories, I would engage with my followers through games such as ‘Would You Rather’ where I would get them to choose between their favourite Euphoria Make-up looks. Another positive of Instagram stories was that it allowed me to start interacting with one of my followers after they had mentioned me on their story to check out my fan account as I provided a lot of insight surrounding the show.

I continued to interact with this follower as well as one other,  leading us to discuss how Euphoria has inspired them and their Make-up looks which then resulted in them allowing me to post their inspired looks and text, that I was able to post as content on my fan account. 

My Digital Artefact has definitely taught me a lot in regards to constantly iterating in order to understand what type of content works and what doesn’t and how you can improve. Without iteration, I wouldn’t have expanded my DA into focusing more on the Make-up in Euphoria which would not have allowed me to have that interaction with my followers regarding their inspiration. My DA definitely implements FIST as it has been fast, inexpensive, simple and tiny as everything was done through my phone and uploaded directly to Instagram. I’ve really enjoyed my DA and is something I am considering to continue as Euphoria start filming their second season. 

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