In the Making stage of my Digital Artefact, I’ve been quite happy and consistent with it. I believe this is due to the fact that I acknowledged in the Prototyping stage that not every post needed to be perfect. By posting regularly and not over-thinking it, I was able to be more active with my account and gain more feedback in regards to the type of post my audience like. 

By shifting my focus from basing the success of my DA from the amount of followers I gained to the type of content I provided and suited my interest, I was able to gain more interaction from my audience as well as enjoy my DA a lot more. As I stated in the Prototyping stage, I shifted my focus to the Make-up showcased in Euphoria and the influence it has had on it’s viewers. On my account, I began providing insights on the shows Make-Up artist’s ideas and inspiration which lead to the idea of interacting with my audience and asking how they were influenced by Euphoria. 

My first example was of my best friend and how she had been influenced.

A couple of days later, I noticed my account had been mentioned on one of my followers Instagram stories. They had mentioned my account as they were showcasing a look that was inspired by Euphoria and to check out my account for insights about the show that I provided throughout my content. 

This interaction lead to my follower and I talking, which lead to her explaining she has many make-up inspired Euphoria looks. I then asked if she could provide a summary as to how she was inspired and why she loves the show so much. This is provided me with a post that I uploaded onto my fan account. 

The Making stage of my Digital Artefact has been quite progressive. I’ve enjoyed my DA and can see myself continuing it as the show begins filming its second season. 

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