Reflection- BCM212

Conducting a research project from home was a bit of a tricky concept to wrap my head around. Although, like everything else this semester, it was something that I was able to adapt to once the idea had become clear and the momentum had begun.

Focusing my research project on the transition to online learning and how students were going to keep themselves productive and motivated, was something I felt was important to research and understand as this was a very unique experience that I thought would be interesting to document. It was something we were all collectively going through and had to adapt to this new way of learning. 

For the BCM212 subject, I conducted my primary research through a survey that I distributed through twitter. The survey consisted of 15 questions that were answered by 25 students from the BCM212 cohort. I will admit that more responses would have been preferred as there are many more students in this subject. This could have been achieved if I was more interactive and had put a bit more effort in gaining more responses and promoting my survey a lot more. Another factor that could had helped with this is the timeline I had created for my research project where I had allocated specific time to each part of the project. There was a period where had not stuck to my timeline which then made me fall behind on what I needed to do, in order to achieve what I needed for my research project. In saying that, I was quite happy with the responses I had acquired from the participants in my survey with many of them providing a lot of insight and information. I was wanting to gain a deeper understanding of my topic and felt I had achieved it. 

Throughout this semester, I’ve been able to learn a lot in this subject around research practices and how to effectively conduct a research project. The transition to online learning for this subject was the easiest of them all. The teaching staff had provided a lot of information and communicated with us constantly which was very helpful. There were skills I learnt that I know I can benefit from and implement them elsewhere in the future.

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