BCM214: DA & Contextual Statement

During the semester, my group based our innovation project on individual’s with specific Dietary Requirements and how we can help them during the process of grocery shopping to find products suitable for them. It was a topic we could all relate to whether we knew someone with dietary requirements or had them ourselves. Subsequently, this led to the development of our smartphone application Mr. Scan Man.

At the beginning of the development of our application, we were shocked to discover through the Australian Bureau of statistics that 17% of Australians had an allergy or intolerance to food. There are also a rising number of people who are becoming more mindful of the food they consume and wanting to improve their lifestyle. Additionally, with Australia being a very multicultural country, many individuals who practice their culture and beliefs lead to them only allowing to have specific foods. From our group findings and gathered knowledge, it was common to find all these various groups of people had experienced a degree of difficulty in adjusting or finding the right food products suitable. When we first pitched our innovation of Mr. Scan Man, we had quite a positive response from our peers and teacher. 

Throughout the video I created, I wanted to convey a message about how our app is efficient and convenient. The video displays how easily accessible Mr. Scan Man is to its users and demonstrates how the app could be used by a wide variety of people who have certain dietary requirements they need to cater to or for individuals wanting to change their lifestyle and prioritise their health. I wanted to emphasise how Mr. Scan Man is an app that can be accessible to people with a smartphone or smart device that allows them to access applications. In the video, I included the features provided within the app such as creating a profile specific to the individual’s dietary needs and being able to share your profile, access recipes suitable to the individual and even product suggestions. With many smartphone and smart devices, they come with features such as Voice Activation that can also be utilised in Mr. Scan Man. According to a study by Samoggia (2019) among the individuals with smartphones or tablets, Diet and Nutrition applications are the most popular of health apps as many users value the low-cost and efficient ways of obtaining targeted information that are particular to their health. I wanted to exemplify our choice of creating a digital health application as many individuals are finding these applications reliable and helpful in assisting them with their specific health needs. Health applications have the ability to improve the individuals experience and outcomes all while reducing the cost compared to health care. Through the video I wanted to provide to the audience a sense of empowerment as they are able to gain control and manage their own healthcare. Through the innovation of our product, we have demonstrated convergence as we have gathered various features into the application that allows individuals the ability to experience the use of the App with ease and convenience. This ease is further demonstrated through Mr. Scan Man, as we have utilised technologies of Voice Activation that is available to users. Mr Scan Man is a depiction of digital destruction in order to create social innovation as it provides various features throughout the application that are beneficial to users, allowing them to have a positive experience in adjusting or finding the right products for the individual themselves or for others around them.


NSW Government 2019, Allergy and Intolerances, Food Authority, viewed 19th of June 2020, <https://www.foodauthority.nsw.gov.au/consumer/life-events-and-food/allergy-and-intolerance>

Samoggia, A. and Riedel, B., 2020. Assessment of nutrition-focused mobile apps’ influence on consumers’ healthy food behaviour and nutrition knowledge. Food Research International, 128, p.108766, viewed 19th of June 2020

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