A Global Nervous System: Telegraph to Cyberspace

In the 1830’s, Samuel Morse and the telegraph changed the way people far and wide communicated. Since then, the way in which we communicate and interact with each other has changed drastically. The Telegraph paved the way towards the development in our communication technology today.

We no longer need to create a message through the tedious process of Morse Code. Messages are instantaneous and through the use of social media, we can engage with multiple individuals at once. Through the internet, we are also able to gather multiple sources of information and further our knowledge. Before technology, most people’s information on issues were gained from newspaper’s. With Social media, we gain our knowledge and perspectives on issues and events through various different sources, allowing us to take into considerations the multiple sides of a story and create our own opinion.

One thought on “A Global Nervous System: Telegraph to Cyberspace

  1. Hey Amelia! Your remediation for this week really puts into perspective the way even the simplest of messages has evolved. The use of emojis is really interesting because it evidences how not only is messaging someone a lot easier, but we now also have the ability to communicate using emoticons so that we can also understand the tone of the message.

    This article dives into how emojis have changed the way we communicate which I found really interesting https://www.straitstimes.com/lifestyle/how-emojis-have-changed-the-way-people-communicate . With this as our current form of messaging, it really makes me wonder, how will we communicate in the future, will our tone become even more clear?


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