Narrowing my Field Site

As discussed in my previous post regarding my media niche, I’ll be focusing on the podcast Bobo and Flex, the large online community that has formed, the way the community engage and interact with each other when discussing the podcast episodes.

When trying to narrow down my media niche, I wanted to display the different elements and aspects of the podcast that I interact with as a listener. In order to do this, I constructed a field site map as a way to “define the objects and subjects of the research” (Burrell, 2009, p. 181).

My Field Site Map

In Massimo Airoldi’s 2018 article titled ‘Ethnography and the digital fields of social media,’ he states “web-based ethnography has become an increasingly popular research method in a wide range of disciplines”, further explaining this through Hine’s (2008) statement and how in general terms, online ethnography ‘transfers the ethnographic tradition of the researcher as an embodied research instrument to the social spaces of Internet.’

This statement relates to me narrowing my field to the social spaces of Facebook and Instagram. Above I created a field map that displays the other elements of the podcast I interact with the most as a listener. As pictured in the field map, the social media pages for the podcast have built quite a following with many of their listeners apart of the group on Facebook or following the podcast Instagram. The podcast online community consist of a Facebook group with over 16k group members as well as an Instagram account with 30.4K followers. Between these two social media platforms, I will be observing the interactions between the community, how it may differ between the two different social media platforms, who are the people involved in the podcast community as well as the nature of their discussions and how this demonstrates a community.


Airoldi, Massimo 2018, ‘Ethnography and the digital fields of social media’, International Journal of Social Research Methodology, vol. 21, No. 6, pp. 661 – 673

Burrell, Jenna 2009, ‘The field site as a network: a strategy for locating ethnographic research’, Field Methods, Vol. 21, No. 2, pp. 181 – 199

Hine, Christine 2008, ‘How can qualitative internet researchers define the boundaries of their projects?’, Internet inquiry: Conversations about method (pp. 1–32). 

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