BCM206 Pitch

For my Digital Artefact this semester, I have decided to create a Podcast.

Podcasting is very new to me and something I haven’t done before but I’m very excited to try and work it out!

My Podcast is called Mills & Chills and is going to be based on the dreams you have when you sleep. I often have quite vivid and detailed dreams that I find myself writing about in my notes at 4am or discussing them with my friends in conversation.

The podcast is going to also unpack the dreams by reflecting on them or what they could potentially represent. There will be a few episodes based on specific topics such as nightmares, reoccurring dreams and people’s most memorable dreams. The episodes will also include my friends as guest speakers in order to create conversation and different perspectives on these different elements of dreams.

Mills & Chills Podcast will also be complimented by an Instagram account @millsandchills where content will be posted based on the weekly episode and what will be discussed.

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