Liquid Life

Zygmunt Bauman argues that in the process of creating a liquid life, through the convergence of production (work) and consumption (life) we create “a precarious life, lived under conditions of constant uncertainty.” Except, in this current COVID situation, many of us have had no choice but to combine our work/ study/ home into one as many of us continue to work or study from home.

Mark Deuze 2006 paper ‘Liquid Life, Convergence Culture and Media Work’ states “the boundaries between which spaces, places and spheres of activity and perception have blurred”. This brings emphasis to many’s people’s current situations. For example, my dad is currently working from home and mostly does his work on the dinner where we also eat together as a family and play card games altogether.

2 thoughts on “Liquid Life

  1. Hey Amelia, really good post. It really is a paradox, that the convenience we think technology has offered us is making us feel as if we were constantly at work.The lines between our work and personal lives become blurred, which is called a ‘presence bleed;, which means yes, there is more values-based employment, but then also demands that labour is always available. Crazy but interesting times we are living in!


  2. It’s interesting that the line between work and home has been completely blurred due to covid19. Liquid labour is certainly something to describe this unprecedented event. We are expected to work in an environment that is our home but then we are to clock off and stay at home.


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