BCM215: Critical Self- Reflection

Pitch One: Pantone Games by Josephine Doyle

Pantone Games is a DA that is focusing on the colour psychology of games, specifically mobile games. It was clear throughout her pitch that Josephine knew the direction she wanted to take her Digital Artefact and the platforms she will be using which include Instagram, Youtube and Blogpost.

I had linked a source that was a study on Colour Psychology in games where it had emphasised the how the visuals and colours in games can be powerful and attract individuals to interact with a game. Josephine’s DA topic had made me reflect and realise how much the visuals and colours in a game will influence whether I want to play it or not. I tend to judge a game a lot on its use of colours in the visuals throughout. It was a really informative source as they had conducted a survey that supported their theory. Definitely a source Josephine can use to support her DA as she progresses.

My comment did lack the use of subject materials which is definitely something I could have incorporated to further my comment and add more depth to it. The response was quite positive and didn’t really suggest any advice or give criticism. It is something I’ll have to work on in the second round of comments.

Pitch Two: Animal Crossing Analysis by Yidi Weng

Yidi’s pitch video was very fun to watch as I enjoy Animal crossing a lot. Although I did come to the realisation that individuals who may not know much about Animal Crossing, may find it harder to understand her idea as they may not know the concept of the game. I did suggest that she should add more sources to her blog post in order to further explain and support her statements. I found a source which did explain Animal Crossing that could of worked with her Blog post.

Another thing I noticed with her Digital Artefact idea is that she had stated her audience was everyone. I found this very broad and hard to grasp as it could be very difficult. I noticed in her pitch video that she had been engaging within the reddit Animal Crossing community so I suggested maybe she can focus on the reddit community as her audience and continue engaging with them, in order to narrow down her audience.

Again, my comment did not include the use of subject material and could of maybe incorporated questions in order to further understand some of the other things she stated in her blog post.

Pitch Three: Game Media Graphics by Paige Sutton

Paige’s pitch video was really detailed and included a lot of information. She states how Nostalgia is associated with poor game graphics. I was able to relate to this due to a conversation I recalled with a retro game store owner from when I was in Japan who spoke of nostalgia and his old video game collection.

I linked Paige to a site that talks about the Nintendo Wii games that had some poor graphics as they rushed their releases due to the success of the console. Through this link, she could find some games to study and analyse their graphics.

This response again doesn’t include any specific subject materials or lecture readings and also lacks any advice that could potentially help further develop her Digital Artefact. As stated before, It is something I will have to work on in the second round of comments.

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