Feudalism 2.0

Feudalism flourished during the Middle Ages and can be broken down to a feudal pyramid that consisted of the King at the top, then the nobles, knights, vassals and serfs below.

Similarly, in today’s society, the concept Digital feudalism has developed in order to describe a similar hierarchy in the digital media we interact with. An example of the digital media hierarchy can be demonstrated through the very well known Mark Zuckerberg. Not only is he the CEO of Facebook but also owns and controls Instagram and WhatsApp. King Zuckerberg owns the platforms, these platforms then can be used for business and marketing purposes by Influencers and small businesses but under the guidelines and control of Zuckerberg and so on. “Facebook is the true winner here, since it merely provides the platform while the users provide the content for free. Facebook benefits from advertising, and the profits all go to Facebook.” (Jensen, 2020). Not only does he earn the profits but also has control of the media we distribute as once it is on the platforms, it is no longer our own but belongs to the overall owner.

My Remediation

2 thoughts on “Feudalism 2.0

  1. Hi Amelia,
    With this weeks topic, I found it hard to understand the concept, until I read your blog post. I’ve now read a couple posts by other students and for me personally, this was the first that I was able to understand the concept you were pointing out. I think you’ve explained it well and used a good visual (Your remediation) to back up your explanation. The analogy of King Zuckerberg was very clever and helped me think of the hierarchy as a literal structure.
    Very well done,
    Ruby 🙂


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