Terminology in Games – Among Us

Among us is a 4-10 player game where you are workers on a spaceship that have to complete routine task to keep everything in order, except 1 or 2 of the players are secret imposters whose intent is to kill off the crew members. As crew members are killed off, the crew meets to discuss and decide who is the traitor. Everyone votes for the person they deem as the imposter and whoever has the most votes, gets ejected into space. You as the crew members win if you eject the imposter, however, if you pick the wrong person, the imposter is still among you (Johnson, 2020). 

I went into this game very blind and unprepared, meaning I was the target of every single imposter. Although, I did learn what a ‘vent kill’ was after the 5th round when I couldn’t understand where the imposters were coming from to kill me so very quickly. Basically, the Imposter’s can use the vents to hide or travel quickly around the map. 

Source: STEAM

In Among Us, the term ‘sus,’ short for ‘suspicious,’ is used throughout the game for players to describe who they feel is acting strange or if they feel their story doesn’t add up. It’s also used in the context of when the crew members are trying to ‘sus’ out who the killer could potentially be.

There was one instance when we were voting where quite a few people were confused who the imposter was, so they said it’s ‘RDM,’ again I was confused but found out it meant ‘Random Death Match,’ meaning they randomly selected someone to eject. 

This was a really fun game to play and my type of game that doesn’t require much skill or coordination. 

Johnson, S 2020, ‘What is ‘Among Us’ and Why should you care?’, Lifhacker, viewed 2nd Oct 2020, <https://www.lifehacker.com.au/2020/10/what-is-among-us-and-why-should-you-care/&gt;

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