Terminology in Games- Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

A game that displays my lack of coordination, spatial awareness and my inability to press buttons properly. Amazing. 

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the 5th instalment of the series that was released in 2018. It is a fighting game that can be played with up to 8 players. You select a character and fight your opponent until you knock each other out of the arena. Each player has a percentage meter, this meter raises whenever you receive damage, the higher the meter, the easier for your opponent to launch you out of the arena. This meant for me, since I was barely able to keep myself on the stage, everyone waited for me to fall off a few times until my percentage was pretty high so they could just kill me and win. 

Throughout the many different rounds, there was a lot of terminology and language used throughout the game between the more experienced players. I have a list of the terms I had heard while playing and observing that I noted down and provided a bit of detail about with the help of my friends. It’s definitely not all but it is a few. I have listed them below. 

No Johns – The word’s origin is from a player named John who always made an excuse after losing. A John is an excuse. When you lose, you lose, No Johns. 

OoS – Out of shield. 

Powershielding – Before you are hit, pressing L or R results in a grey flash, sound effect, and not putting up your shield. You and your shield don’t take damage. If you powershield a projectile, it is reflected. 

Hurtbox – Part of your character that are hittable 

4 Stock – defeating your opponent without getting KO’d

Air Dodge – Pressing L or R while moving in a direction 

Smash Attack – Performed by holding the control stick and pressing A button. 

Special Attack – Any move performed with the B button. They generally do more damage than a Smash Attack

Wavedashing – This is a move where you slide across the ground. You can do this by air dodging diagonally at the ground, immediately after your character’s feet leave the ground when jumping. 

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