Hacktivism: Do it for the Lulz

Hacktivism = Hack + Activism

Hacktivism or hacktivist, is someone who uses hacking to bring about political and social change. Hacktivism started as a way for people to protest online to affect change.

LulzSec = Lulz as in lols or laughter and Sec, short for security, was formed in a private online chatroom of the hacking collective “Anonymous”. They appeared in May 2011 after targeting Fox.com They then went on to target US Broadcasting network PBS and distributed a fake story about the whereabouts of the dead rapper’s Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls, claiming they were alive and living in New Zealand.

LulzSec unsuccessfully targeted Nintendo but did manage to attack Sony’s Playstation Network and stole 24.6 million of customer’s private data which therefore caused the company’s network to be offline for a couple of days.

Although LulzSec may have been in some way a protest, of all the logo’s they could have chosen to create, they could have been more original and not make it look like a sort of sophisticated Pops from Regular Show.


3 thoughts on “Hacktivism: Do it for the Lulz

  1. Great blog post Amelia! I really enjoyed learning more about Lulzsec. Try to link to some more sources throughout your posts so your readers can really dive deep into the topic. I think this resource from ABC which is a detailed timeline of LulzSec hacks would be really great for your post https://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-04-24/lulzsec-timeline-of-hacks/4648328. Additionally, I found this article https://www.zdnet.com/article/wikileaks-founder-charged-with-conspiring-with-anonymous-and-lulzsec-hackers/ which connects LulzSec to the other hactivists we learned about, Julian Assange and Anonymous, which is interesting! I didn’t know anything about LulzSec before our lecture so your post really helped to deepen my understanding on them. In my blog post, https://josephinedoylemedia.wordpress.com/2020/10/15/the-hactivism-of-aaron-swartz/ I chose to explore hactivist Aaron Swartz and the way he affected change just like you’ve done with LulzSec which you might find interesting. Your remediation is great! Your opinion on the LulzSec logo really compliments the post. Well done!


  2. Hey Amelia, super interesting blog post! I found you made quite a confusing topic easy to understand, I found we discussed a lot of similar things in our posts, also loved your remediation for this week!


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