As stated in my video, it was a very long and slow process in getting my DA started. Although, things have been able to progress as I have recorded a total of 3 episodes and with the first episode already released.

Looking at my feedback I had received for my Pitch, I had failed to mention my process of how I was going to undertake this podcast. I had an idea in the beginning but from all the disruptions earlier on, I have gained a much clearer understanding of how to overcome this mishaps and really simplify the process. Recording the episodes takes place either in person if we are both able to and is recorded using my phone. If I’m unable to meet my guest in person, I then set up to do a video call on Zoom or Discord and record it through my computer.

I came to another road block when it came to uploading my first episode. I realised I was quite unaware of the process which was something I should have started from my pitch. Thankfully, I reached out to a friend who helped me a lot and introduced me to Anchor. It made the process a lot easier as I was able to connect to different platforms and distribute my episodes at the same time, all from the one place.

The podcast Instagram account has a few post due to the release of the first episode. For each episode, I plan to make 3 posts per week. This is because if more people come across my podcast account, they have an idea of the podcast and the content covered. To get people engaged or interact with my account, I will ask each of my guest speakers to promote their episode on their social media using instagram stories and tagging the podcast account. This is to engage more of an audience and make people aware of the podcast.

I have learnt so much and I’m thankful for the disruption in the beginning because it allowed me to really understand what I want and how I can make the process easiest for me and the people involved. I’ve been able to learn how it all functions and I feel like I have really gotten into the process and have a much clearer view of how I want to execute my podcast and the social media. I still feel excited to keep going and to see how it grows from now to the end of semester.

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