Crossing the Communities- Part 3

In this next post of ‘Crossing the Communities’ I will be focusing on the Animal Crossing community on Reddit. As reddit is made up of communities called subreddits, these subreddits are based on specific things that people join or become a part of, if it is something that is an interest to them. The Animal Crossing reddit page offers players the ability to share their content, exchange ideas, knowledge, news, cheats and much more. The Animal crossing subreddit has grown with over 1.4 million people apart of the group since the release of Animal crossing: New Horizons in March 2020. 

The most common reddit post I observe and have found most people to interact with, are the post where players share their creations of items, clothing, furniture and much more through a QR code which allows other players to download the item. There have been a few posts I have come across where I’ve really liked the design of the carpet or of a certain piece of clothing and the player shares the QR code of the specific item, allowing us to download them for ourselves. By players of the game sharing the contents of the production of their game experience, it provides sociality of paratextual productions. A game that is very much a solitary play, becomes social through this connection that the game enables.

The Animal Crossing reddit also acts as a marketplace for many of the players. Turnips are a special item in the Animal Crossing series. They can only be purchased on Sundays and they will rot if you do not sell them within one week. They fluctuate in price, like the stock market, and so you can either lose money or make money depending on when you sell them (Thier, 2020). Many players on the subreddit announce their island’s rates and it creates a thread of people who also share their rates, whoever has the best rates, can open their island, allowing other players to sell at the best price. This is the exact experience I have with my friends when it comes to selling our turnips. We discuss our Island’s rates and compare, once we know who has the best option, we all visit that players island and make a lot of Bells (money). It has spawned a giant multiplayer experience. 

When I began to further observe the Turnip stock market, there is a lot more involved. I found within the community that people have created Turnip Calculator’s as the community have found the Turnip prices are pre-determined and follow an algorithm. There are two online tools that allow players to find out the prices for themselves called ‘Turnip Calculator’ and ‘Turnip Prophet.’

 I decided to put the Turnip calculator to the test and below are my results!


Their, D 2020, ‘Animal Crossing New Horizons Turnip Guide’, Forbes Magazine , viewed 20th Oct 2020, <;

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