As stated in my video, I have adjusted the amount of the blog posts I will be writing. Originally I was going to write a blog post once a week but now I will write a total of 5 blog posts as it takes time to understand a new game, pick up on the different terminology used and then understand how it is used throughout the game.

I haven’t really gained any engagement from my blog posts. This is mainly due to the fact that I haven’t really tried. I mentioned in my video that I would like to utilise Twitter but want provide more detail on how I plan to gain engagement from Twitter. My tweets will provide questions as well as linking to my blog posts where I’ll be aiming to target people who would consider themselves not really into video games or may not have much experience playing them.

As I have been mainly playing with my boyfriend and his friends, I haven’t necessarily received much feedback about my blog posts but they have been sending me Youtube recommendations of videos and Youtuber’s who they think I would find helpful. Girlfriend Reviews has definitely been really enjoyable to watch as they are quite informative and I can relate to a lot she talks about. From her videos, they have made me quite curious about a few games and I feel encouraged to try these games and make them apart of my future blog posts.

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