BCM215: Critical Self-Reflection 2.0

BETA ONE: Hufflepuff Gaming by Amy Micallef

Hufflepuff Gaming: Among Us is the Amy’s new and improved Digital Artefact. She had lacked the motivation and excitement in her original idea and wanted to incorporate her current enjoyment which is Among Us. In my comment, I explained how changing our DA’s is needed when we don’t feel it suits us or we lack the motivation to even try.

I too am really into playing Among Us currently and Amy did mention in her video a few Youtuber’s she has been watching play Among Us as well. I suggested the Youtuber Toast to her as he is my personal favourite to watch play the game and someone who she can gain some inspiration and ideas for her own Youtube channel and live streams.

In her beta video Amy had mentioned different weekly topics of the subject that she was most interested in and how that influenced the direction she wanted to take her DA. Except reflecting back on it now, it’s a bit unclear to me how exactly she’ll be using the information from those weeks specifically into her DA and research. It’s definitely something I should have questioned in order to understand a little better.

BETA TWO: Gamer Gorl Hannah by Hannah Kairuz

Gamer Gorl Hannah is a new Digital Artefact that will be comparing and contrasting the Digital world’s of both Animal Crossing and The Sims. Similar to Amy, Hannah lacked motivation with her original idea and wanted to change it. Doing this degree, you are bound to do a DA that you realise isn’t what you want to do or needs to be improved and it’s definitely something I have experienced. I wanted to be encouraging of her decision change as I found her new DA really interesting and in her Beta video, Hannah sounded a lot more motivated with her new idea.

I related to the fact she had mentioned about not really engaging with an audience for her DA which I too have been lacking. Hannah had explained how she was going to improve her engagement but I could have suggested any ideas or ways she could have improved and find that engagement.

I suggested links to a few articles surrounding Animal Crossing and the psychology around it as Hannah mentioned she wanted to look at the psychology as to why people are so attracted to these games. I thought it would be interesting for her to add in how Animal Crossing was super popular throughout Covid lockdown and why so many people were really into playing the game.

My comment could have included subject material and been a bit more critical or included more feedback.

BETA THREE: Pink Games by Alicia McFadden

Pink Games is a Digital Artefact where Alicia will be looking at “games for girls” and how these games use techniques such as “pink washing” to attract girls to play the games. I find Alicia’s digital artefact super interesting as I can recall playing a number of these specific games targeted at young girls.

She had mentioned in her Beta video that she had to buy a DS game as she no longer could find her games. I made the suggestion and listed a number of online games that are for free that I had played all the time when I was younger. This is to make her DA inexpensive and less time consuming to try and find these old DS games.

I also made a suggestion surrounding the engagement with her DA. As there are many girls who had responded to her pitch video regarding the Pink games mentioned, she could continue with this engagement by asking questions that spark nostalgia or encourage girls to speak of their experiences.

Again my comment did lack subject material but I feel as though I made suggestions that could help her progress her Digital Artefact.

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