Terminology in Games- CS: GO

Counter-strike: Global Offensive or CS: GO, yet another game that requires hand eye co-ordination that I don’t possess. Why is it so hard to move and look around? 

CS: GO  is the fourth game in the Counter-strike series. It is a multi-player first-person shooter game where there are two teams against each other, the terrorist and the counter-terrorist. Each team has to try eliminating each other while also completing different objectives. The terrorists either have to defend the hostages from being saved from the counter-terrorists or plant a bomb and the Counter-terrorists either save hostages, prevent the bomb from being planted or diffuse the bomb. 

I found with CS:GO while playing and watching, that this game is quite fast past and immediately words and phrases are thrown around. 

Frag– kills in the game. 

Plant for short/long – plant the bomb in position so you can defend it and not let the counter terrorist diffuse the bomb. Found that plant for short or plant for long didn’t necessarily mean the distance as I had initially thought. 

Flash – a blinding flash grenade. Buy it as an item

Smoke – Smoke bomb. Buy it as an item

B- hopping – Bunny Hop. Movement where you jump side to side, while running and holding a knife in order to pick up momentum and move the map faster. 

Stack – team players can stand on top of each other

Deagle – Dessert eagle gun

Ace – when a player kills all five enemies in a single round

Nade stack – a group of players throws multiple HE grenades into an area

One Tap – a kill that is attained by shooting a player once in the head, typically done with the AK-47 or Desert Eagle

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