Crossing the Communities- Part 4

In my final blog post of my Digital Artefact ‘Crossing the Communities, I am looking at the platform Twitter. Animal Crossing: New Horizons details on the release was distributed to Twitter as the first social media platform to hold the news. It was extremely exciting as many people all over the world had gone into lockdown and it was something past fans and new interested players were looking forwards to. Once the game was released, I noticed all over my twitter feed that almost every single person I followed, was speaking of the game and sharing the new experiences of their journey through island life. 

In an online article by Forbes, they acknowledged the growing of online gaming communities, especially during isolation where social media was full of people’s various escapes into virtual worlds. The Forbes article provided data that showed a 71% increase in people discussing games from Animal crossing New Horizons release. The New York times reported that there have been over 38 million tweets about Animal Crossing New Horizons (Thier, 2020). It became people’s socialisation during a time where social distancing was crucial.

Source: Forbes Magazine

As my Twitter feed was full of Animal Crossing, I began to follow many fan accounts relating to New Horizon’s. Through these fan accounts, I found Youtuber’s to watch who uploaded videos of their game play. I also came across a blog site that was really insightful and went into detail about the little tricks and tips you could USE throughout the game.

The Twitter fan accounts had also introduced me to Nookazon. Nookazon is a fan-made online retailer for trading Animal Crossing: New Horizons in-game items. It was created by a software engineer by the name of Daniel Luu, with the website launching early April (2020) and gains up to 270,000 active daily users and reaches 7 million page views per day. I’ve noticed how Nookazon has become the leading fan website with many fans and players on all different social media platforms (Favis, 2020). It has become a massive marketplace for players that is discussed and spoken about amongst the community on the various platforms. 

I find it so amazing how dedicated and invested individuals are in Animal Crossing that through the game they are able to expand it beyond that what they play, they develop and create in numerous ways that makes this community very engaging with one another. 


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