Terminology in Games- Valorant

Valorant is a game that I found out was developed by Riot games, same developers of League of Legends. The attacking teams goal is to plant spikes (bomb) while the defending team tries to stop it from happening. The game has 4 maps called Ascent, Bind, Haven and Split. Each map has it’s own unique aspects. I found Valorant to be very similar to CS: GO being that it is a first person shooter game that is multiplayer with 5 players on each team but you just have different abilities in addition to weapons. 

Source: Technica

There were not just similarities in the game play but also in the language used throughout the game I had noticed was similar to CS:GO. There were some characters with abilities such as smoke and flash, same affect as CS:GO smoke and flash grenades. The term Frag was used in the context of kills. There was also knifing where the player holds their knife while running which allows you to run faster, similar to cs:go B-hopping where you hold your knife and jump side to side to build momentum and travel the map quicker. 

I understand that being similar games that the language would also relate but what is interesting is the fact how the similar terminology can be communicated and applied in different environment. 

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