Mills and Chills Podcast

Mills & Chills is the podcast I had created for my Digital Artefcat for BCM206. The podcast also has a @millsandchills Instagram account to promote the weekly episodes, in the hopes it will interest people to follow and also listen to the podcast. Mills & Chills can be described as an audio dream journal as each week I would have one of my friends join me as a guest, where they would talk about either the latest dream, nightmare, repeptitve dream or their experience with sleep paralysis and much more.

For each episode, I would record our conversation through Voice Memo’s on my phone, edit the audio through iMovie then upload to Anchor in order for it to be distributed to different platforms. To accompany the episodes, I would then create three instagram post using Canva that would be posted throughout the week to promote the episode and try to encourage my followers to listen.

In my BETA, I had stated that I had some difficulty at first but since then I have created a total of 4 podcast episodes and been able to grow the Mills & Chills Instagram account.




Through the Instagram page, I realised if I wanted it to be a source where my followers can know the weekly episodes and also be able to access them, I needed to make it easy and convenient. I created a Mills & Chills account that I put in the @MillsandChills IG bio which provided links to all the channels my podcast had been distributed to through Anchor.

As I stated in my BETA, I had begun using Anchor, which allows your podcast episode to be distributed to all different platforms/channels at the same time. Anchor also provides stats and the progress of each episode including the most common platform it is listened on, the age of people, which country they are from etc. Listed below is the stats for each episode. Episode 4 has just been released so it will not have much statistic as of yet.

From the statistics, I’ve been able to gain insight on the type of audience I have attracted and what kind of people seem most interested in my type of podcast.

There were definitely a few learning curves along the way and issues with people’s schedules which then resulted in inconsistent uploading of episode’s but in the end, I was still able to record the episodes and upload them.The purpose of creating a podcast for my Digital Artefact was because it was an idea I had for awhile and I wasn’t sure if I had the skills to do it and whether I would actually enjoy it. However, my interest in podcasts, motivated me to push myself out of my comfort zone and learn the skills in order to create Mills & Chills. I am proud of pushing myself to create this podcast and all I have learnt along the way. It was a personal goal of mine and I feel I have achieved it.

How does my Digital Artefact relate to BCM206?

A Centralised network can be described as the one main source that provides all the data. Although my Digital Artefact is uploaded to Anchor which then distributes the episodes to 8 different platforms, I’ve created an instagram account where I also provide a in my bio which includes all the links to those 8 different platforms as well as creating post that informs my audience of the episodes and how to access them. This therefore makes my digital Artefact a decentralised network as it provides 2 different sources to my podcasts.


Mills and Chills Anchor-

@MillsandChills Instagram-

Mills and Chills

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