The Commentary of Peer’s Pitches- PT1.

As I create my Digital Artefact, I am required to engage and involve myself in other students DA’s and their research topic in order to provide feedback. Below are my comments on 3 students DA Pitches. 

Comment 1: Alicia – AR & VR Technology Changing The Way We Shop Online

My first comment was on Alicia’s Digital Artefact Pitch. Alicia will be looking into the way VR and AR technology are changing the way we shop online. I first wanted to share the aspects of her pitch video she did well such as the overall presentation of the pitch and how she provided clear detail on her research topic and how she planned to execute it. Although the video audio was quite fast paced, it was great that she embedded her slides into her blog. I then shared a suggestion to try and engage more of an audience by publishing her videos with relevant tags and also to the BCM twitter in order to receive more of a feedback loop with fellow BCM students who are interested or also researching a similar topic. 

I found her topic quite relevant and shared my experience through COVID lockdown. It also made me question whether the use of VR and AR technology could be useful for the whole of the online shopping industry and thought it could be an idea she may want to look into for her research. 

Lastly I provided additional sources I had come across while further researching Alicia’s topic that I felt may be beneficial towards her DA and to the question I had posed earlier in my comment. 

Comment 2: Michaela – Future Of DMS On TikTok

The second comment was on Michaela’s Digital Artefact where she plans on focusing on the Future of UOW Digital Media Society on TikTok. I thought it was great that she was using the knowledge gained from her research to implement into a business plan for UOWDMS TikTok. I wanted to share some feedback firstly regarding how I thought it would be quite difficult for an individual who may not know of UOWDMS and what the society is about and therefore should have added just a little bit of general information about the society. 

I also felt that the feedback aspect of her DA was unclear and I suggested that she should definitely engage with Twitter in order to gain interactions and engagement that could provide her with information for her video essays. 

The last thing I thought she gone further in-depth was the utility aspect of her DA. As she is making a business plan for the UOWDMS TikTok, focusing on the short and medium term, it definitely could be utilised from now and for future students who may acquire that position. 

My last 2 paragraphs of my comment was the research I had conducted on her topic in order to develop more of an understanding and provide sources that discuss TikTok and how the platform is being used by a lot of businesses to expand their brand awareness and be exposed to a wider audience. 

Comment 3: Alana – The Future of Art – BCM325 Pitch

My final comment was on Alana’s Pitch, where she is researching the same topic as me, the future of Art except focusing on a different aspect being NFT’s, cryptocurrency and blockchain currency. I find this really interesting as I’m not quite familiar with the topic but would be interested in learning more about it and following Alana’s digital artefact. Part of my feedback about her Pitch was to possibly provide context on the 3 areas as myself and many others are not aware of these topics and would have liked to understand more information to grasp her DA idea. I provided links to sources that helped me further my knowledge and can be used for her research. Furthermore, upon doing my own research, I had come across a question that stated if NFT’s, cryptocurrency and blockchain currency will benefit art in a broader sense. I found this quite thought provoking and thought it would be an interesting question for Alana to reflect on as part of her research. 


When it comes to critiquing and providing feedback for peoples assessments, I wanted to provide valuable feedback that demonstrated my understanding of their DA and their concepts. With each persons comment about their digital artefact, I wanted to provide what I believed was positive about their pitch and what they had executed well. I would then give them feedback on areas I feel they could have either expanded more on or provide further in-depth explanation. To understand their topics further, I would conduct my own research where I would gain knowledge and then give questions that had been sparked from reading through the articles and that I thought they could use in their research or to reflect on their topic. 

Ziauddin Sardar’s 2014 ‘Welcome to postnormal times’ states how our current is what can be the catalysts in leading possible futures into being. Each persons project has this commonality. My peers pitches have a clear idea and understanding of the topic they are wanting to research and the curiosity or questions of the future of their topic. It will be interesting to see how each person’s DA grow and how they will evaluate and reflect on their gained knowledge and apply it to the future aspect of it. 

Reflecting on my peers pitches and the lecture content, I have realised my comments lack mention of the subject material. There are many sources from the lecture that these DA’s can implement throughout their project. For instance, Alicia’s DA is focusing on AR and VR technology for online shopping and Michaela’s topic is the future of TikTok. Istvan Csicsery-Roney’ “The Seven Beauties of science fiction” discusses how predictions for the future must be based on the present and the past. This is relevant to Alicia’s and Michaela’s Digital artefacts as they focus on the development of technologies in online shopping and the possible future of a platform and how it will progress and be like for us in the future. As for Alana’s DA, I feel week 3 lecture content of Wendell Bell’s nine major purposes of future studies, specifically about images of the future as Alana is researching the future of art in NFT’s, cryptocurrency and blockchain which would be beneficial in potentially incorporating into her DA as she outlines how this may change how we see art in the future and how it could develop further. 

Overall, I feel I have provided feedback and sources for my peers that are helpful but I will definitely be mindful to incorporate the subject material into my actual comments next time.  

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