The Live Tweeting Experience- PT1.

Each week for BCM325 we have been watching a film and live tweeting throughout. Live tweeting was very new to me and seemed quite daunting when the idea was first proposed. In order to be able to tweet and watch the film, I knew I had to organise and prepare myself. Before each film, I would spend some time understanding what the film is about and the general plot. Once I have gained a bit of an understanding, I conduct more research and find sources relating to the film. From there, I will then draft tweets and edit them as I proceed to watch the film and my understanding develops. 

2001: A Space Odyssey

This method proved successful, especially during the live tweeting of 2001: A Space Odyssey. I had come up with about 6 draft tweets and another 4 were created during the viewing of the film as thoughts and questions were provoked. 

My most interactive tweet was how the film had made me think of the décor and how it was very similar to a place I had visited recently. I think what interest people the most about the tweet was the visual aspect which allowed them to see just how similar the décor was from the movie, giving it that retro-futuristic aesthetic.

When going through the weekly readings, I had come across Peter Kramer’s ‘Dear Mr. Kubrick’: Audience Responses to 2001: A Space Odyssey in the Late 1960s’ where it states “the widely shared experience of 2001 as a transformative event may have been facilitated by the film’s storyline about the birth and rebirth of humanity working in conjunction with intense public debates about the power of art, technology and social movements to change the world.” The images of the 2 tweets above were both curiosities sparked watching the film. The first tweet regarding HAL was a question that had come to mind as I was reading an article on artificial intelligence and people’s concerns and fears surrounding it. The second tweet, I had questioned the potential for the monolith to be the catalyst of each evolutionary change to happen throughout the movie. 


During the live tweeting of Westworld, I wanted to engage more with peoples tweets as in the previous week, I had not really made the effort of retweeting other people’s tweets so my goal was to retweet at least 3 people which I managed to do. 

Although I achieved my goal of wanting to retweet, I do feel there could have been more interaction from my end such as adding my thoughts or any ideas to their existing tweet to further interaction and engagement. 

Before the live tweeting, I had read Dr Browyn Lovell’s ‘Science Fictions Women Problem’ where she provides a new perspective of future cultures which allowed me to directly relate to my observation of the previous movie (2001: A space odyssey) and Westworld, having only men when it came to roles with people of high authority or importance. There were never any women involved in any of these scenes. 

Reflecting on this tweet, I should have linked Dr Browyn Lovell article in order to show I was engaging with the subject material. 

Blade Runner

For the live tweeting of Blade Runner, the tweet that received most engagement was based off a quote said by one of the replicants. I think this tweet was thought provoking and allowed other’s to see the relation of the quote and where it had originated from. I feel I could have engaged more with the retweet of my tweet and provided more of an opinion to create conversation and expand further. 

I had noticed themes of techno-orientalism which is a term that has developed from Edward. W. Said ‘Orientalism.’ Techno-Orientalism is a term that has developed, referring to the combination of images of the exotic East with the futuristic high-tech science fiction narratives. In modern films of the cyberpunk/ futuristic genres, there are frequent representations of Asia as traditional Asia and not the modern Asia. This disassociation of Eastern Countries being a part of the modern world is often repeated and represented in this timeless and traditional manner in many of these films which can be observed through Blade Runner. I had then noticed many other students in the BCM325 twitter timeline also take notice of the techno-orientalism represented throughout Blade Runner. I could have engaged with their tweets or retweet in order to provide more depth to my tweet and exchange thoughts to provide more engagement between us. 

Ghost in the Shell

This tweet could have been expanded and linked to week 2’s lectures of Csicsery-Ronay notion of a parable. A parable is a story that provides an instructive lesson, like a fable. It is a type of analogy by imagining a fully realised future, science fiction mediates a specific relationship between the human present and potential future. Ghost in a shell present a fully realised future where humans can connect to the internet through a plug that inserts directly into the brain. However, both of these films pre-date wifi technology or Bluetooth technology which would now seem a more likely way to go directly online through some kind of implanted chip. 

Being a new experience I was proud of the weekly tweets I had provided. In saying that, I know there’s room for improvement such as needing to engage more of the subject material within my tweets. I do hope to also be able to improve my interaction skills. I have noticed there have been times where people have commented on my tweets or followed up my tweet with questions but I find I don’t respond in a way that could expand the conversation and allow it to continue. That is a skill I hope to improve  in as I continue live tweeting and to show in Part 2 of this blog post.

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