Pros & Cons of AR and VR in the Art experience.

When you think of experiencing Art, going to a gallery, exhibit or museum is usally followed by walking around and admiring the works. With the development of technology, our experience of Art is evolving and changing, causing this traditional experience to shift.

Throughout this post I will be discussing the Pros and Cons of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in the Art experience.

Firstly, the pricing for the technology, software and production is quite expensive for artists and creators. It’s not something every single person will be able to afford and have access to.

However, although production can be expensive for artists and creators, the implementation of the technologies of AR and VR, allows the artwork to be free, expanding far beyond the confines of a gallery or museum. It enables the art to be viewed by individuals around the world, creating a whole new audience.

An example of this is through an AR art exhibit in a Miami museum where there were concerns that people would be too involved with their phones and not interact as much. It was the complete opposite, in that everyone who was there experiencing it, shared their excitement and their views of what they were witnessing. It is often people have the view that technology isolates us and makes people less social and unaware. This exhibit had the opposite affect, people engaged and made the experience a shared experience.

There is also the question regarding the older generation who aren’t accustomed to these new technologies. What will this development mean for them? Will they accept change? Will it enhance their traditional experience? It comes back to the argument of people expressing that being there and present is always better then experiencing it online or through technology.

I believe this perception has shifted due to COVID and how VR and AR have been able to connect people and provide art and entertainment from the comfort of people’s homes. An example of this is through London’s Serpentine Galleries who began exhibiting ‘The Eternal Wave’ which was a Virtual Reality experience produced by a VR & AR company called Acute Art. The VR experience of this exhibit was cut short when the gallery had to shut down due COVID. In order to provide the experience to individual’s from their homes, the company created The Eternal Wave VR into an augmented reality experience through the Acute Art App they had created. This allowed individuals to download the app and experience the AR version of the exhibit.

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