A BETA way to give Feedback

We have reached the BETA stage of our digital artefacts, meaning I’m to continue engaging and involving myself into my peers Digital Artefacts. I will provide comments on 3 peers BETA’s where I give my feedback and make suggestions.

Comment 1: Bella- Will 2030 taste BETA

My first comment was on Bella’s BETA. I had previously commented on her Pitch and have been following her DA which allowed me to have a good understanding of her DA and how it has progressed. As stated in my comment, Bella did a really good job of utilising Tik Tok and predicting that she would have more engagement from the platform. I suggested she incorporate short facts or pose questions in order to incorporate the Future aspect into her Tik Tok videos in order to gain more potential engagement or provide insight to her audience.

Regarding her Youtube video, it was really insightful but I understand how it is difficult to gain engagement on the Platform, hence why I suggested she could try sharing her video to Twitter and Reddit to gain more interactions for her content.

Bella has done well including relevant subject material into her Digital Artefact. She has made clear links between her research and information with the subject material. I found watching her first video essay that she could also link her work to Elenora Masini’s ‘Reconceptualising Futures: a Need and a Hope’ stating how desirable futures are embedded in social structures. This can be unpacked further by Bella as she could link it to the increase in plant-based meat becoming more popular in society and how more individuals will be more open to buying the products as it becomes more available and prevalent in our society.

Comment 2: Grace Mary- Future of Fast Fashion

Grace’s digital artefact demonstrates quite a bit of research in the Fast Fashion industry. Upon watching her first Video essay, there could be improvements made to the content as the video contained a lot of information and text and very minimal visuals that could have made it a lot more engaging. With my feedback, I provided a link to a source that could benefit Grace in creating more engaging videos.

When it came to her audience for her Digital Artefact, she had stated that her audience was not clear but has since iterated her DA so that her audience focus is mainly uni students aged 18-25yrs. I made the suggestion that she could share her videos to twitter, in order to gain more engagement from her specific target audience.

I had noticed Grace’s video essay and BETA had lacked the inclusion of the subject material. I concluded my response by connecting her Digital Artefact with subject material, specifically from Csicsery-Ronay’s “The Seven Beauties of Science Fiction” and how Grace’s she could use it to support her predictions.

Comment 3: Hussein- My future after Graduation

My final comment was on Hussein’s BETA who is focusing on his future after graduation. I found this topic to be quite interesting as it is quite self-reflective and he could relate or question his research to his own unique experience. I suggested for his blog post series that he has visuals, videos and images that relate to his research and and topic in order to make his blog post engaging.

I also made the suggestion of utilising other platforms such as Reddit to share his content and create more engagement and feedback loops.

An idea I thought could be interesting to add in one of his blog post, is the potential of talking to individuals who have already graduated and their thoughts before graduation and post graduation.

I understand I could have provided additional subject material to link to his topic but I felt as though Hussein’s chosen subject material worked very well for his topic and made it clear how he was relating it to his experience as well as his relevant research and information.


Similar to my execution of the Pitch comments, I wanted my BETA comments to demonstrate what my peers have done well in the development of their DA’s and then provide useful feedback that they can implement into the final stage of their Digital Artefacts. I aimed to provide sources that could be used to further the research and information they had already established. I would then conclude the comments sharing additional sources or relevant subject materials that could be beneficial.

In my first round of comments, I had lacked in including subject materials in my comments to my peers. I had stated in my reflection of the pitch comments that I needed to improve in this aspect. With the BETA comments, I was able to succeed in providing subject material to my peers that I believed could be beneficial to their DA’s and further linking to the subject.

Overall, I am happy I was able to improve in the area I was previously lacking in providing. I believe from this round of comments, I have been able to further understand the subject material and how I can improve my own Digital Artefact to be more relevant to the subject.

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