Just Keep Tweeting, Just Keep Tweeting, Tweeting, Tweeting

We have reached Part 2 of the live tweeting experience for BCM325. The last 5 movies were very captivating and made it a bit difficult to engage with my peers on the BCM325 twitter but overall I felt a lot more confident this time round as I had gained a good understanding of how to manage tweeting during movies. I kept my preparation from round one relatively the same for this time with gaining knowledge on the movie, doing research and collecting sources relating to the film. I would collect all my information and draft tweet ideas in a Notes document that I would use to curate and post tweets during the live viewing. Below is an example of how I would format my Notes for each week.

Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 is the continuation of the 1982 Blade Runner movie. I felt as though this storyline had a major emphasis on the ‘soul’. What stood out to me was the soul of the replicant characters and the soullessness of the human character’s. My curiosity lead me to this article that goes into an analysis of what is defined as a ‘Soul’ and how it develops throughout the film in the replicant characters.

The storyline of the film regarding a replicant and human being able to reproduce, lead me to the thought of how this occurrence could lead to the development of a replicant society. The idea of a replicant child being born leads the replicant characters to reflect on their own personal existence. This challenges their idea of what is considered to have a soul as originally to have a soul was to be born but shifted to the idea that having a soul is being able to make your own decisions, understand your feelings and think for yourself.

The Matrix (1999)

The Matrix created new way of understanding our reality. “It’s not that the film was prescient. It didn’t anticipate our world. But it anticipated — and probably created — a new way of viewing that world.” I thought this was a really important point to tweet relevant to our future studies lecture material. It follows the idea that in that science fiction does not predict the future but can teach us about our past, therefore “creating a new way to view the world”

Alita: Battle Angel

In the live-tweeting for Alita: Battle Angel, it definitely was a unique experience as the fanbase called the ‘Alita Army’ had began to interact with our tweets which lead to a lot of engagement, retweets and many likes on a few of my tweets.

In Alita: Battle Angel, we are again presented with the Future with Cyborgs. This tweet relates to Donna Harroway’s ‘A Cyborg Manifesto’ where she states how the cyborg is a model in Haraway’s thinking for the future of humanity, one which leads to a different attitude toward biological, digital and mechanical technologies. 

I tweeted a quote by film director James Cameron that can be linked back to the lecture material regarding Marshall McLuhan as he discusses how  all technology, is an extension of human physical, social, psychological or intellectual function: the wheel is an extension of our feet; the phone was an extension of our voice and is now much more; the computer extends our brain” etc.

Ready Player One

Ready Player One was probably my favourite film of the session, I was very into the movie which lead to a lack of engagement with my peers. However, I was still able to tweet quite a bit as my tweets mainly focused on VR technology as this is the topic I am focusing on in my own digital artefact. My tweets highlight how the use of VR was not only depicted in the film but used in making the film. It further demonstrates how VR creates this dystopian vision of escapism or “unthinkable complexity” as stated in Tony Myers’ ‘The Postmodern Imaginary In William Gibson’s Neuromancer’.

Robot & Frank

Robot and Frank shows a very near future and brings to light some of the concerns surrounding the use of Robots as carers in and in old age care in particular. It’s a controversial topic yet a concept which is already happening in real life. This can be furthered through ‘The Seven Beauties of Science Fiction’ where Csicsery-Ronay states “science fiction doesn’t predict the future, rather it represents how a possible future can be imagined by making specific changes to current conditions”.

The Live-Tweeting experience has been very beneficial in helping me understand the subject materials and relating it to the films each week. I’ve enjoyed the experience and skills I have developed.

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