Predictions of the Art Experience

Monet and Friends Immersive experience

In this blog post, I will go over what is Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality and then will be discussing my predictions for the experience of Art in the future and how VR and AR will impact this.

Augmented Reality makes digital alterations or additions to your existing environment. Virtual reality immerses you fully into a virtual environment that has either been artificially generated or changes the real world to something other than your own.

In week 6 we focused on futurist, one of them being Alvin Toffler who stated “Futurists do not ignore the present.” I find this statement coincides with my thoughts on VR and AR in the art experience. Presently, due COVID, the implementation of these technologies have had a major impact on allowing individuals to experience art in a new way.This can be furthered through Heli Paalumäki’s ‘Imagine a Good Day’ where it is stated that “possible futures have to be descendants of the present just like the present is an actualised possible descendant of a past situation.” I believe this has caused a shift which will now accelerate AR and VR to be more involved and accessible in our Art experiences going forward. This is furthered through the article by Smithsonian Magazine where an artist had expressed “Things that I thought might become more urgent in 5-10yrs, were urgent now. AR and VR technologies have evolved so quickly.” The artist has expressed how these technologies have been able to accommodate to our new society.

From the 2021 Tech Trend Report, it discusses how the future of experiencing entertainment and art will never be the same. The pandemic caused a rapid shift and a series of innovations that has revolutionised our experiences going forward. VR and AR technology will be the focus of this industry as “in the coming years, technology must be developed to support, enhance, and accelerate collective experiences by offering more quality, diversity, and accessible live entertainment for all.”

When discussing with family and friends about our future experiences of art, I wanted to understand their thoughts and how they believe it will change or how it has changed. Collectively they all agreed that it is definitely becoming more prominent in our society and especially since the implications of COVID. I had also received feedback on my DA BETA from Casey who explained her experience and how she feels this technology will develop the art experience further.

From all that I have discussed above, I do believe these new technologies will become more prominent in the Art industry for museums, galleries and exhibits and within in near future over the next 5-10yrs, VR and AR technologies will have quite an impact on the art industry and individuals experiences.

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