BCM302 Pitch: ‘In the Interim’ Podcast

Recently I have started a full-time job whilst studying full time. My current problem is transitioning into this role, managing the 2 and prioritising my tasks and time management. In recent facetime calls with my 2 friends, I have been voicing these concerns of mine and seeking advice for this transition in my life. These facetime calls often lead to my friends speaking of their current hurtles and experiences, positive or negative. This lead to the idea of starting the ‘in the interim’ podcast. 

Analytics and Feedback

For my digital artefact feedback, I plan to use analytics off anchor to show the progress of the podcast and the audience engagement. The analytics from anchor will show the main listening platforms, age group of audience, countries the podcast is reaching and how many plays the podcast has received. Through instagram, I will use stories to help engage with our audience and receive feedback. Twitter would also be a good platform to connect with fellow BCM students and gain their feedback and interact with each other’s DA’s.


Fast- This is not my first time doing a podcast, I know what I need to do and what is required for each part. The work load will also be shared with my other 2 friends as well in order to continuously produce content weekly.

Inexpensive: There is no monetary cost involved for the DA although in terms of time, my friends and I often speak on the phone to each other for about 2hrs, recording will not have an affect on time however, The most time consuming will likely be editing.

Simple: The process is quite simple as I have had experience in creating a podcast. It will involve recording, editing, uploading, curating post for the Instagram relevant to the podcast episode. 

Tiny: As stated above, my DA is broken down into actionable steps that will be shared amongst the 3 of us. 


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