BCM302: Pitch Peer Reviews

Bella Creswick: Needing a Feeding

Concept and Methodology 

Needing a Feeding is a Digital Artefact Bella has had established since 2019.  I have been following Bella’s Digital Artefact for quite some time and it is great the way she has been able to continuously iterate and grow her DA over the years. Her content is focused on demonstrating easy meals for students who may have limited cooking experience, are time poor, may not have a lot of equipment or have limited ingredients. Bella showcases these delicious recipes through short videos posted on TikTok that can be easily followed or saved for her audience to come back to. Bella demonstrates the prinicples of FIST for her methodology as she will be producing and editing her content directly from the TikTok app as it takes less time and is more efficient in creating and sharing the content. 


Bella’s DA demonstrates relevancy as it is evident the content she creates is enjoyable for her and relates to her interests. She states in her blog that she had previously been interested in studying nutrition and her various content creation has been valuable in showing her skills to potential employers. The content of Needing a Feeding is very accommodating to her audience and their limitations she has clearly taken into consideration. 


I’m not too sure if the Needing a Feeding instagram will still be in use as Bella had explained in her pitch that it was a lot more faster and simple to do it all from TikTok. I believe the Use of instagram should still be utilised as various users I follow post their TikToks to their instagram stories or even share the same video on TikTok as their instagram Reels. This can help expand Bella’s exposure of her Digital Artefact especailly with her specific target audience of Students using those two social media apps the most. 

Bella mentions in her pitch blog post of researching NFTs and potentially creating recipe NFTs. I understand she is still in the research stage of this, so it will be interesting to see in her BETA how her knowledge has developed and how she is planning to progress with the creation of recipe NFTs. A schedule of her content creation/ research would have been great to demonstrate how this would fit into her time allocated to her DA and when she plans on progressing with the NFT idea. 

Pitch Quality

The pitch presentation was an engaging video of very high quality and has clearly executed her concept, methodology, audience, utility and the principles of FIST. 

Josephine Doyle: Women Who Lead AU

Concept and Methodology 

Women Who Lead AU is Josephine’s DA that is based on her interest in gender equality in Australia and supporting women who are paving the way for the next generation of female leaders. Josephine has created a WordPress blog where she will be providing information of women in leadership, gender equality and inspiration on developing leadership skills. From her blog, Josephine will then be remediating her content across various platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, Anchor and TikTok. 


It is evident from Josephine’s pitch that her Digital Artefact is a very relatable to her and allows her to share and produce content of her interest. She has been able to define a clear audience of female undergraduate students and has utilised multiple types of media that will allow her content to be exposed to her audience as they will be familiar and often engage with these platforms. Josephine’s use of multiple platforms will also demonstrate to future employers of her skills across various applications and producing content.


I believe the topic of her DA has a very strong community that Josephine could definitely utilise to create feedback loops and also further engage in. I understand she plans to utilise Twitter with relevant hashtags, she could further this by engaging in subreddits regarding gender equality and women in leadership. 

Pitch Quality

Josephine’s pitch was very well structured with her concept, methodology, utility, audience and use of FIST principles all provided and well executed. Her DA also includes a strong aesthetic, creating cohesion across the various platforms Women Who Lead AU will be accessible on. 

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