Digital Heart Attack Artefact

I find it very inspiring when a person can really talk about their hobbies and interest, how they’ve really expanded so much knowledge surrounding it. To really see their passion and their established understanding and opinions. 

Thinking about my Digital Artefact, I wanted to have that interaction as well as incorporate something specific from my personal interests.

My ideas for my DA were quite broad. I knew the direction I wanted to take it but didn’t know the specifics. I broke it down into a couple of questions that I asked myself and then answered them. 

  • What aspects of interest, hobbies, passions or topics are you interested in the most?

Discovering the history, the feeling of “wow I didn’t know that” or “oh I have wondered that before and now I know”, having discussions about certain things and understanding another persons point of view. How? or What? affects them or what their beliefs are and how that reflects in their thought process and their understanding. 

  • How could you expand? The ‘it’ doesn’t matter yet. What is it that you want out of your digital artefact? 

The most that sparks my curiosity is how us humans come to our interpretation, the thought process, how it gets expanded and evaluated. I want conversation and interaction.

  • What specific though? Their thought process on what? Is it about what they are interested in or what you’re interested in? Maybe seeing their opinions on your interest or topics?

On topics, anything. Art, fashion, movies, tv shows, topics not usually spoken about, crime, real life experiences, unpopular opinions. 




I’m quite confident in figuring out what exactly it is that I’m going to do and look forward to seeing what I create. 

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